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Do you find it difficult to unpack the topics of sexual decision making, consent, sexting and pornography with your teens?

We hear from so many parents that they recognise that these are really important topics, and they really do want to be talking to their kids about this stuff.
The question is though; how do I have these conversations with my kids?
Over the last decade, we’ve spoken to over 250,000 teenagers in live audiences about the topics of sex, sexting, pornography, and consent.
These are crucial topics to unpack with young people.
We don’t believe that parents should have to navigate these conversations on their own, feeling ill-equipped, unprepared, unaware about how to approach these topics.
Young people, they need you, your children, they need your input. 
We’ve put together this course so it can be as simple as pressing play. 
We create an environment for you to have these important conversations with your kids.
The reality is the one off, awkward birds and bees conversations never work. 
It definitely doesn’t work in an Internet age.

Young people are growing up with more access to information than ever before...

They need to be educated from the most trusted source…

Their parent.
So we’ve made it easy for you to have the discussions with them.
We’re passionate about your kids having these conversations and we believe that your kids deserve to have this conversation with you.

Who do you want to be the educator for your teen?

Your teenager needs support to make healthy informed choices around consent, pornography, sexting, and sexual decision making.

Have you had the ‘BRAVE CONVERSATION’ with your teen to help them make healthy choices in these areas?

We have made the tough topics easy to address with your teen!

Empower them to make healthy choices about the big topics.

Consent education is critical for all young people. The topic of consent matters within all of our relationships. Many problems in relationships around consent stem from an inability or lack of awareness to understand what is safe, respectful & appropriate for those around us. Society at large is consistently having challenges with navigating this topic. This module brings clarity to a complex topic and spends time discussing coercion, indecent assault, wanted vs unwanted experiences, the law & more.

We live in an over-sexualised society where culture has presented sex as no big deal. We help to bring back the important truth that sex IS a big decision. We discuss the critical nature of not just considering IF to have sex, but WHEN. This module will discuss; casual sex compared to sex in a committed relationship, how to create a strong sexual ethic, understanding risks such as STI’s, and how to make decisions rather than simply responding to circumstances.

Young people are exposed to pornography earlier and more often than any generation before. This means that for many young people, pornography is stepping in to be their key source of sex education. In this module we discuss the brain science, the current research around why pornography is a problematic source of education, the personal and relational impact pornography can have,   and what parents and young people, can do to reduce or eliminate exposure. 

For many young people today, the exploration of sexuality is happening in a digital space before it will happen in the physical space. It is therefore no surprise that the prevalence of sexualised behaviour online has increased. This module presents the topic from an empathetic perspective and gives education and awareness around the legalities, the challenges and the positive steps that can be taken to navigate this challenging landscape.

Our Approach

Our holistic, research-based approach will allow your teen to take hold of all the information at hand and carefully consider the choices that are right for them. 

Your teen will be challenged to the core and leave with confidence to move ahead educated, empowered and equipped. Each teen will walk away with the tools needed to make great choices and bring honour, respect and positive change to those around them.
We show you how to have these discussions from a place of guidance and compassion to strengthen the trust between you and your child.

Our content is both evidence-based and story-filled, making it engaging for both teens and their parents. 

“Every parent can play a pivotal role in empowering their teenager to make healthy and positive choices. We believe this course will provide opportunities for parents to guide teens through topics that to the detriment of many, have been avoided. Our hope is for every parent who has these conversations, to walk away a hero.”

- David and Katie

David And Katie Kobler

Founders and Directors of Your Choicez, David (Bachelor of Theology) and Katie Kobler (Advanced Diploma of Psychology) are on a mission to provide education to teenagers around topics that are often avoided. With an extensive background in youth work, youth communication and leadership, they have developed a team of highly skilled, effective and passionate communicators and educators who are engaging teens all across Australia in this time of need.  

The combination of research-based content, high quality programs and excellent speakers with a strong ability to connect with young people, has led to some of the most powerful, life changing programs available on these topics today. 

Their honesty and openness in drawing on their own life experiences, alongside some of the best research available, allows them to deliver a truly unique and exceptional presentation. With their personal touch and sensitive approach, teachers will leave encouraged, parents will leave inspired and students will leave empowered to not just survive their teen years but to flourish in what could possibly be the greatest years of their lives.

The Brave Parenting Course will empower you to discuss the tough topics with your teen.

Sexting, Pornography, Consent, Sexual Decision Making

Young people are in desperate need of conversations with people they can trust. They need reliable information and guidance around how to navigate these challenging and difficult topics.

Hear what parents have to say

Thank you so much, the course was so informative. It's funny that no one knows how to parent....
We learn as we journey through each day. We can manage teaching our children not to bite, to share, to care, manners and often the topic of Sex, Sexuality and what is acceptable in this space is too big a topic to break down into small chunks.
Thank you for making it simple and I feel empowered to have these conversations with my daughter.
Warm Regards from an empowered mum

A breakdown of each module

Engaging for teens. Easy for parents.

With as little as one lesson a week, we provide parents with the tools they need to turn taboo topics about sexuality and relationships into effective conversations with their teen.

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Module 2.


Module 3.


Module 4.


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Bonus material for parents including recommended reading, filtering, accountability softwares and websites for your family


Access to a private community where parents can access additional tips and share their experiences

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We'll be the guides, you be the hero.
- David and Katie Kobler

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