After working with young people for a number of years, David and Katie began to notice a common struggle amongst teens in the area of sex, dating and relationships. With an extensive background in youth work, youth communication and leadership, they began to dream of a programme which could reach teenagers all across Australia at this time of need. The opportunity came to work very closely under the direction of Jonathan and Karen Doyle from Choicez Media, facilitating seminars on these topics across the country. Katie and David now have continued to develop their passion and experience with seminars for high school students, parents and teachers around the topics, which really matter for teenagers. David and Katie continue to provide some of the most impacting and life changing seminars available on these topics today. They are both gifted communicators and have a strong connection with teenagers. They speak with both authority and compassion to an audience who is searching for answers. Their honesty and openness in drawing on their own life experiences, alongside some of the best research available allows them to deliver a truly unique and exceptional presentation. With their personal touch and sensitive approach, teachers will leave encouraged, parents will leave inspired and students will leave empowered to not just survive the teen years but to flourish in what could possibly be the greatest years of their lives.

David and Katie are passionate about consistently furthering their understanding and education, working hard to stay up to date with the latest research around the topics that are affecting young people.

Your Choicez – Opens discussions, provides answers and changes culture.