Tips On Creating Dialogue With Teens About Pornogrpahy

Scientists from the Yale school of medicine have found that drug use can trigger a long-term change in brain chemistry.

The researcher suggests that your genes don’t doom you to be an addict but rather suggest prolonged use of a drug can cause a protein to be produced in the brain called Delta-fosB. This protein is known among scientists as the sustained molecular switch for addiction and can build up to stimulate intense cravings for whatever flicked the switch.

As more and more research is being done we are seeing that these brain effects are NOT limited to drugs such as Cocaine or Ice, but include things like excessive pornography consumption.

What’s sad about this and what is another aspect of this that is impacting Australia is the fact that the average age that a young person is first exposed to pornography is 11 years. Many teens can find themselves watching hours and hours of pornography every week with no idea it can be affecting their brain.

2 Quick Tips to Help Create Dialogue with Teens about Pornography

1. Create a space where questions about sex and pornography are answered openly and honestly. Reward the bravery to seek answers from a reliable source. 

2. This topic deserves communication. Make room for conversations that matter around a topic that is having a huge impact in the lives of teens. 

If we can help to start this conversation for students, parents and teachers in your school don’t hesitate to contact us today. This is an area we engage in on a daily basis and we are passionate about educating the youth of today.



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