The Power Of Story To Build Empathy

In our seminars, we’re always intentional about drawing on as much accurate, reliable, valid and up-to-date information as we can. We believe in the research; the facts, the statistics, and the science. We recognise and appreciate how much value this adds to our work with young people.

But we also know that the research isn’t enough.

It’s not the research that resonates in the hearts and minds of young people.

On its own, research can not create a sense of urgency within young people to think deeply about their own lives or their relationships. Research alone can not and will not build empathy within a young person in a way that will inspire them moving forward.

No, it’s the stories that build empathy.

It’s the way we talk about young people who are just like them, and the specific experiences and challenges they’re going through.

It’s the stories we share about the heroes, the victims, the overcomers, and the aspirers that connect with the students.

It’s the stories that capture their emotions and create lasting change.

It’s the stories that allow listeners to look through the eyes of another, understand their journey, and benefit from the lessons they learned.

If we want young people to engage with the content in a way that will speak to them, inspire them, and transform them by evoking empathy, then it has to be done by utilising powerful stories that will grip their hearts in a deep and meaningful way.

What’s the most powerful story you’ve been told that has impacted your life?



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