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There really is a growing pressure for young people to hurry through the stages of relationships. I’ve seen many brave young people who have decided to go against the flow in this area and have had their decision met with criticism, questions, mockery and even their partner dumping them- deciding that things were taking too long and they weren’t all that interested after all.

We live in a fast paced world! Fast food? Takes too long these days. Loading up that web page that is taking more than 5 seconds to load? So frustrating! we are always looking for a faster, more efficient, quicker way of getting to where we want and need to get to. With this considered, it is no surprise that more and more young people are rushing through the important stages in a relationship.

I Love these steps by Dr Desmond Moris! His advice goes something like this.. if you want to get the most out of romantic relationships? If you want to build a relationship that will last the distance? Then slow down! Take your time!

Sometimes we can feel that if we don’t rush into things and tick off the boxes of a physical relationship then we will miss out. Sometimes it can seem that if we don’t meet the physical ‘needs’ of our partner, we will lose them and then be left with nothing. Something to consider; if you are wanting to take things slowly, as Dr Desmond Morris suggests and your partner is threatening to end things with you because it is taking too long… is that the kind of person you want to be with anyway? Is it worth giving someone like this access to your heart? Your body? Your sexuality? I dare say, probably not.

I hope you find these steps helpful as many have. Remember take your time and enjoy the journey… you are worth the wait!



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