A Values-Based Digital Wellbeing Program

Equipping teachers with the tools to turn taboo topics around sexuality and relationships into effective conversations.

Anger | Consent | Value Of The Human Person | Pornography | Sexting | Friendship | Character

Engaging for students. Easy for teachers.

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We have been running sexuality and relationship seminars for over 9 years

Reaching young people at a critical moment in their lives.

When 2020 hit, it gave us the opportunity to work on a project that we’ve carried in our hearts for many years.
That was the creation of teenBRAVE.


Now more than ever, teenagers are in desperate need of conversations around the important topics. The complexities of growing up in a digital world means that young people can be facing new challenges today that are different to the challenges faced by previous generations. It’s crucial that we educate, empower and equip teens to be confident in making healthy decisions in this space. 


TeenBrave is an online course made up of 7 modules across 14 lessons. This series of video-based content, led by teachers is made up of research-based content, science and powerful stories to engage young people around these challenging topics. Our videos and workbooks work hand-in-hand to encourage personal reflection and group discussion to prompt young people to think deeply around these topics. The key modules are Anger, Consent, Value Of The Human Person, Pornography, Sexting, Friendship and Character.   


TeenBrave is designed to equip teachers to engage with their students around some of the most important topics that teenagers are navigating today. Our hope is that teachers will feel confident to host helpful and powerful conversations with their students. Our teenBRAVE course is built with a focus on strengthening pastoral relationship between staff and students.

By equipping educators, we empower teenagers to make informed choices for their futures.


A COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION TOOLKIT Engaging for students. Easy for teachers.

The teenBRAVE course includes over 4 hours of engaging video content, workbooks, teacher-facilitated discussions and online activities.

This module explores the modern and complex issue of sexting. We share the research, the legalities, and give students the correct terminology to help them consider the choices they will make.
This module will look at students understanding of consent with a focus on clarifying the confusion. We discuss why consent is important in all relationships whether romantic or otherwise.
In a world where young people consistently see the human person objectified and sexualised it can be difficult for students to develop their own sense of value around who they are and the role their bodies play. This module will consider the value every human person carries.
This module will help young people consider the impact pornography can have on teenagers today. We will discuss the neuroscience and research that every young person needs to be aware of, helping teens consider why learning about sex from porn can be problematic
This module looks at the emotions we experience as humans with a focus on the emotion of Anger. We will look at why we get angry and how to make sure we don’t let this powerful emotion control our behaviour.
Navigating friendship can be challenging for young people. The skills required to be a good friend can take time to develop. In this module we explore the power of having good friends and being a good friend and what is required to build friendships that will last the distance. 
In a world where there is so much emphasis placed on what we look like on the outside, the qualities that are found within can sometimes be forgotten. In this module we explore what it means to live a life of character and the kinds of traits that will help us to follow this meaningful path in life. 



David And Katie Kobler

Founders and Directors of Your Choicez, David (Bachelor of Theology) and Katie Kobler (Advanced Diploma of Psychological Science) are on a mission to provide education to teenagers around topics that are often avoided. With an extensive background in youth work, youth communication and leadership, they have developed a team of highly skilled, effective and passionate communicators and educators who are engaging teens all across Australia in this time of need.  

The combination of research-based content, high quality programs and excellent speakers with a strong ability to connect with young people, has led to some of the most powerful, life changing programs available on these topics today. 

Their honesty and openness in drawing on their own life experiences, alongside some of the best research available, allows them to deliver a truly unique and exceptional presentation. With their personal touch and sensitive approach, teachers will leave encouraged, parents will leave inspired and students will leave empowered to not just survive their teen years but to flourish in what could possibly be the greatest years of their lives.

Hear what schools have to say

I very much recommend YourChoicez. The conversations and content presented are crucial for all of our students.

- Rebecca Kennedy, Xavier Catholic College Skennars Head

A breakdown of each module

Engaging for teens. Easy for teachers.

With as little as one lesson a week, we provide students with the right education about taboo topics like sexuality and relationships.

Module 1.


Module 2.


Module 3.


Module 4.


Module 5.


Module 6.


Module 7.


Included when you join!

Short, easily digestible and engaging videos for students to watch

Each module contains 5 teenBRAVE videos. The videos include research, science, stories and anecdotes to educate young people and help them consider their choices around the topics we are discussing. You can expect the combined length of each module to be between 29 and 31 minutes.



Our teenBRAVE workbooks are designed to assist with both comprehension of what students have learnt and application into real world scenarios. Following the videos, students will take time to engage with their personal workbooks which include a series of short questions and opportunities for self reflection. Each module has it’s own booklet for students to engage with

Online Activities

Our teenBRAVE online activities are a replica of the workbooks with some additional reflection activities at the conclusion of each module. Questions are designed to help students reflect on what they have learnt with answers submitted to their teachers. Answers are required to be completed to move on to each subsequent lesson.

Teacher Facilitated Conversations

For teacher led teenBRAVE sessions, this guide will help teachers to engage with the students around the course content. Our hope is that teachers will be equipped and confident to host helpful conversations with their students. Our teenBRAVE course is designed with a focus on strengthening pastoral relationships between staff and students.

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Engaging for students. Easy for teachers.

Equipping teachers with the tools they need to turn taboo topics about sexuality and relationships into effective conversations with young people.


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