Sleep-Deprived Teens Addicted To Their Devices

As digital usage increases, sleep often decreases. An article posted in the Daily telegraph quoted adolescent and paediatric sleep physician Doctor Chris Seton saying “70 percent of high school students were now sleep-deprived — a crisis largely caused by the saturation use of digital devices.”

Just like many other areas of a young person’s life they need guidance, education, and conversations to help them use technology in a way that enhances and benefits their life rather than destroys it.

3 Helpful tips for parents:

1. Have a device policy in your home that limits the amount of time devices are able to be used i.e. 10pm all devices are collected and locked in a box until the next morning.

2. Consider using a web filtering service that controls usage and access i.e Family Zone

3. As a parent chose to lead by example. Put your devices away at dinner time, show your kids that there are times where human engagement is more important than online engagement.



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