David Kobler (Director of Your Choicez) is an extraordinary speaker with an ability to engage young people from all walks of life. David’s ample experience working with teenagers on both small and wide scales, as well as his Bachelor of Theology, enables him to deliver powerful, meaningful seminars that truly speak to the hearts of teenagers across the country. David is passionate about educating teenagers in a way that will equip them to truly thrive throughout their adolescence and make positive, healthy decisions for both now and in the future.
Beck Neale is a presenter, copywriter and content specialist for Your Choicez. In addition to having graduated with a Bachelor of Communication from The University of Newcastle, she comes with ample experience as a gifted communicator, youth minister, and speaker. Beck's commitment to the well-being of young people is second to none. Her ability to build strong relationships with teenagers stems from a capacity to mentor and disciple effectively and communicate clearly on both small and wide scales.
Jess is the Projects and Operations Manager for YourChociez. If you’ve worked with us before you’ve most likely encountered Jess and her gifted ability to make sure the business is running smoothly when it comes to our bookings, logistics, administration and projects.
Katie (Director of YourChoicez) has an advanced diploma of psychological science and is currently undertaking a masters in mental health. She is a gifted communicator with an extensive background in youth work, youth communication and leadership. Katie has a unique ability to connect and engage with teenagers in a powerful and thought-provoking way, utilising her authority of life experience as well as compassion. Katie is passionate about delivering relevant research and information to teenagers, empowering and equipping young people around the complex areas of sexuality and relationships.
Matt Wilesmith is a passionate, gifted and sought after youth speaker. Matt comes with an extensive background as a helper of young people: PDHPE teacher within Christian education, senior school chaplain and youth minister. Matt is also the current State Director of Youth Alive NSW. In both a personal and a professional capacity, Matt demonstrates an incredible ability to engage and influence young people. Matt currently holds the role within Your Choicez as our boys school specialist.
Gel is our Web Developer and Tech Support. She has worked with Your Choicez in a number of different roles for many years and is loved and valued by both our team and our clients. A phrase that is often used amongst our team is "Don't worry, Gel can fix it"
Tom Schumann is a passionate leader and mentor of young people. What began as a desire for his own personal development soon led Tom to careers in youth coaching and mental health support work. Tom sees unconditionally loving, healthy relationships as a way forward for humanity, and loves his role in content creation in this space. Tom also brings his knowledge and skill-set from studying a Bachelor of Business to Your Choicez, and helps with the management of all things admin.