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Connections that Count

(Junior High)

A life-changing seminar that speaks to the very heart of what students are facing in a digital generation. The ‘Connections that Count’ seminar helps your students gain insight into how their online choices can affect their friendships and current or future relationships. Young people are starting to experiment much earlier with greater online interactions and can find themselves engaged in activity such as sexting, online pornography and other concerning behaviour.

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Respectful Relationships

(Senior High)

In a world where teens seem to be more connected than ever before, many are struggling with real and meaningful connection. This generation can be struggling to find genuine, helpful and satisfactory answers to a growing problem: how do I find, build and navigate healthy and safe relationships?

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Staff Seminar


Teachers will be provided with up to date research around the effects online pornography is having on young people, its impact on their understanding of sex, consent and how it relates to the increased participation of sexting.

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Parents Seminar


Our parents seminar aims to address the intimate questions that parents have, whilst empowering them to be an influential presence in their children’s lives.

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Online Course for Parents

On the Same Page

(Yr 7 & Parents)

School communities in many ways can still be finding the transition into a technological society to be a difficult one. Ensuring that everyone (parents, teachers and students) are all on the same page when it comes to what is expected can be a hurdle for so many. We provide parents and students the opportunity to open the conversations, set healthy boundaries and establish a same-page approach to the use of technology within the school and home.

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(Online Course)

There are some things that every teen should know. There are some conversations that every young person should have. Our teen brave course covers a range of topics that are critical to the wellbeing of young people. Every module includes a combination of stories, anecdotes, research, brain science, and tips to help you consider the choices you as a young person wish to make to make great choices throughout your teenage years. We believe the topics we will discuss are important for every young person to consider, discuss, and explore.

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Matt Wilesmith recently presented a “Manhood” session to our Year 11 students. As this is a tricky subject to raise at any public forum, let alone with a group of maturing young men, we were very impressed by the way in which Matt engaged in appropriate modes of delivery with the students throughout the day. He used a combination of contemporary data, humour, relevant examples and small group breakout sessions throughout the day. Students opened up and asked very pertinent questions during the day and Matt was very quick to identify and seize opportunities to go deeper when silly questions gave him an opening. I am more than happy to recommend Matt as he is ‘real’, is happy to be vulnerable about his own experience and can connect with this age group well.

St Joseph's Port MacquareTimo Gobius, Leader of School Evangelisation, St Joseph's Port Macquare

Our day with the boys was engaging and challenging. The mood that was created allowed students to feel comfortable to contribute to conversations and ask questions that were purposeful and specific. Quite often in school seminars for students can miss the mark, this one did not.

Simon Rugala Year Co-ordinator , St John The Evangelist, Nowra NSW

If you want your boys to take steps to become men this workshop is essential for you!

Steve Lawrence, Mazenod College

David has the unique ability to engage and captivate over 250 males students. His seminar was articulate, personable, focused and clearly delivered his message on how to be a better man in today’s world.

Rachel Roche Religious Education Co-ordinator , Parade College, Melbourne

David is a talented presenter. He pitched it at exactly the right level for the audience.

Rachel Pitcaithly, Ministry Team Coordinator , St Bede's College, Christchurch

David Kobler presented a fantastic “Manhood” session to our Year 11s. He was extremely engaging and able to impart some really important, thought-provoking material, which resonated with the students. His delivery was excellent and his use of current research, findings, anecdotes and visual imagery; all combined to provide a stimulating and informative session. We will certainly be running this session again for our senior students.

Kate McIlroy Personal Development Co-ordinator, De La Salle College, Melbourne

David’s message to the students is clear, in their language and at their level, the students were engaged throughout the entire seminar as he guided them in positive decision making. Parents expressed their gratitude to David for his thoughtful and sincere message about parenting, the risks and pitfalls as well as strategies to deal with raising young people in this challenging world. We found David to be honest, sincere and genuine in his presentations and look forward to engaging him again in the future.

Joanne Smith Deputy Principal, John Paul College, Kalgoorlie WA

Thank-you for your insightful and pertinent seminar presented to our Year 11 cohort, recently. Your approach, tone and use of media was appropriate for students to whom you were presenting. The students were engaged and impressed with both the delivery and the content of this seminar.

Marita Backes Head of Year 11, Newman Catholic College, Perth

I would highly recommend Yourchoicez, the information presented and lessons taught were incredibly relevant to where our boys are at.

Paul Davis, Waverley College