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As a male teacher involved in the delivery of Pastoral Care in schools for the last 20 years, I have had the privilege of seeing David address young male students a number of times. The content of David’s presentation is very personal, honest and fact providing. David presents what is a very sensitive and important topic in a very non judgmental way, a way that students respond well to. Each time I have been involved in this presentation I can’t help think ‘how appropriate, how right the message is, and how well David delivers that message’. I strongly recommend David’s Presentation
Troy Foote
Emmanuel Catholic College
‘I highly recommend David Kobler and his ‘Your Choicez seminar for Young Men’. The topics around developing into manhood and the harmful effects of pornography presented in the seminar addressed some of the serious issues many young men face today. In a short time, David was able not only address these issues but provide realistic strategies whereby young men can successful navigate their way through these issues. His presentation empowers young men to take control of their own development and enables them to plan a positive vision for their own future’.
Blair McWhinney
Assistant Principal, St Brendan’s College Yeppoon
David and Katie delivered very powerful seminars to our Year 10 girls and boys, separately, along with Middle School parents in the evening. Their presentations were incredibly engaging, interactive, contemporary and challenged our students about what it is to be a good woman or man. Issues of pornography, sexting, safe sex and the journey to adulthood were handled with compassion and honesty; they gave valuable tips to both our year 10s and parents for this challenging journey. Katie and David also shared their own journeys and several modern examples, making the day so much more engaging and authentic. What really shone through was the Koblers’ deep conviction and passion for equipping teenagers with quality information and strategies.
Jaimie Holland
Pembroke School
Our day with the boys was engaging and challenging. The mood that was created allowed students to feel comfortable to contribute to conversations and ask questions that were purposeful and specific. Quite often in school seminars for students can miss the mark, this one did not.
Simon Rugala Year Co-ordinator
St John The Evangelist, Nowra NSW
If you want your boys to take steps to become men this workshop is essential for you!
Steve Lawrence
Mazenod College
David and Katie presented extremely important but challenging and at times provocative material to our students, raising issues that they needed to hear but often don’t. They were both funny, engaging, friendly, relatable and most importantly genuine presenters who quickly established a rapport with our students and kept their attention for the entire day. I would happily recommend them to other schools and look forward to working with them again in the future.
Adrian Stenta, Year 11 Director
Saint Ignatius’ College, Adelaide
David and Katie were great. The students, parents, and staff all commented on the success of the presentations. Our parents at the evening presentation found David informative and encouraging, the students and staff the next day were really impressed with both David and Katie. Their stories and personal experiences were inspiring and the students found them easy to connect to and enjoyed the seminar day. For the students, it was a truly rewarding day which left them with much to think about.
We cannot thank David and Katie enough for the wonderful service they offer.
Tania Grace Religious Education Co-ordinator
Padua College Mornington, VIC
David and Katie presented extremely important but challenging and at times provocative material to our students, raising issues that they needed to hear but often don’t. They were both funny, engaging, friendly, relatable and most importantly genuine presenters who quickly established a rapport with our students and kept their attention for the entire day.
I would happily recommend them to other schools and look forward to working with them again in the future.
Adrian Stenta, Year 11 Director
Saint Ignatius’ College, Adelaide
David’s presentation about ‘Growing Up’ and many of the factors that come with this was fantastic. Students were engaged at all times and engrossed in the delivered information. Our focus in Year 11 is about making choices and David’s presentation centered around this key theme. Students were left well informed and empowered to now make their own decisions in life, with enough information to hopefully make the right ones. I would highly recommend David for any group looking to explore similar issues.
Aldo Calo
St Michael’s College SA
Our students engaged brilliantly with the content and with David. He presented the topics in a straightforward and honest way which not only helped the boys to understand but also challenged them to think about why they held the views they did and how their ideas may impact them in the long term. They have been engaging in conversation on many of the topics ever since the seminar, with each other and also with staff.
Sarah Pyle
Marcellin College
David Kobler from yourchoiez was an amazing presenter who related well to our boys. He covered necessary material for the boys in a appropriate and accessible way. It was fantastic.

Our boys got so much our of it and are still talking about the day.
Nadia Knight
Salesian College
The Choicez co-education welfare seminar was what we needed for our Year 10 students. You quickly grabbed the student’s focus and they were engaged. You were able to relate to the students and focus on the serious welfare issues that they are confronted with. Students are still talking about the session! Your passion, vision and evidence is realistic and relevant and it was evident that students appreciated the detail and group conversations that took place. Definitely looking at building on this program next year. Many thanks.
Bill Miles, Yr 10 Co-ordinator
St Ignatius College
Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into the seminar, the boys as always gain a lot from you and the sheer spirit you present. They say it is the best presentation they hear all year (and many of them for their whole time at SPC, so well done).
Nathaniel Winfield
Head of Religious Education, St Patrick’s College Ballarat
This is one of the most relevant seminars I have come across in being able to directly address some of the many issues young people are currently facing. With the many wellbeing program and seminars offered to schools nowadays, this one should be at the top of your list.
Emily Paul, Assistant to the Principal
Mater Dei Catholic College Wagga Wagga
David has the unique ability to engage and captivate over 250 males students. His seminar was articulate, personable, focused and clearly delivered his message on how to be a better man in today’s world.
Rachel Roche Religious Education Co-ordinator
Parade College, Melbourne
David Kobler presented a fantastic “Manhood” session to our Year 11s. He was extremely engaging and able to impart some really important, thought-provoking material, which resonated with the students. His delivery was excellent and his use of current research, findings, anecdotes and visual imagery; all combined to provide a stimulating and informative session. We will certainly be running this session again for our senior students.
Kate McIlroy Personal Development Co-ordinator
De La Salle College, Melbourne
David is a talented presenter. He pitched it at exactly the right level for the audience.
Rachel Pitcaithly, Ministry Team Coordinator
St Bede’s College, Christchurch
David and Katie came to our school, Trinity Christian School, to speak to our Year 10, 11 and 12 students, and wow, what an impact they made. Their information was current, their material age appropriate, highly relevant and delivered to the students in a very relational and engaging manner.
I would highly recommend and strongly encourage other schools to sign up David and Katie to visit your school. You won’t regret it and your students will thank you for it.
Catherine McGovern Welfare Co-ordinator
Trinity Christian School, Canberra ACT
What a wonderful way to help young girls cope with and understand one of the most challenging periods of their lives. I know that Katie has left a lasting impression on so many of our students.

Thank you for this.
Maria O’Reilly
Daramalan College
David and Katie did an excellent job with our Year 9 and 10 students. David also presented to our parents the night before, which was very well received. Our students have had nothing but positive feedback saying that their opinions on sex, relationships, self-image and the dangers of pornography have changed significantly. Our students have requested to have them return and present again. David and Katie were engaging, well researched and prepared on the day, making it a huge success. We will certainly be having them back in the future and would highly recommend them to other schools.
Leighton Corr
Arndell Anglican College
Thanks man for your awesome speech today you were so down to earth and couldn’t have imagined spending my day doing anything else . Your an awesome public speaker thanks David. I give you 5 stars.
Just a quick email to say thanks again for presenting to our Year 10 students last week. As always, the students really enjoyed hearing from you and found your presentation so relevant to their own personal experiences. I had one girl say to me that “he speaks English, Year 10 English, he knows exactly how to talk to us.”
Natalie Serong, Yr 10 Co-ordinator
Aquinas College
Your Choicez seminar was a very engaging and relevant presentation that led the students into an environment where they were encouraged to think about the choices that they are presented with in their lives and the consequences of choices that they will make. It didn’t push the students to go anywhere they didn’t want to, instead the process of David’s presentation let the students make choices and decision in their own mind. The results may have surprised the students on the surface as it uncovered many of their own deepest desires for their lives that are contrary to the messages that the world is telling them they want. It was great that they also received plenty of practical strategies to help them to achieve those dreams for their lives. Well done, can’t recommend this presentation more highly.
Tim Davis, Leader of Evangelisation
John Paul College Coffs Harbour
Recently we were fortunate to have David Kobler run his Choicez program for young women as part of our Year 10 PDHPE course. Not really knowing what to expect, David exceeded our expectations and presented a seminar that engaged, empowered and enlightened our students. He explored a variety of topics that our young ladies could relate to in a meaningful and often humorous manner. David’s professionalism and understanding of female adolescents was both comprehensive and consistent. We would recommend the seminar to all PDHPE or Pastoral staff who would like to reinforce key sexual health messages in an inviting setting which allows students the opportunity to adopt healthy decision making skills.
Mark Cuttler Yr 10 Co-ordinator
Mercy Catholic College, Chatswood
First of all..thank you so much for your great presentation to our Year 10s on Friday..the feedback from both staff and students has been really good. The manner in which you delivered your message was perfect for our students to engage with and to take on board. Separate seminars for boys and girls is very effective. Hearing about sex, dating, relationships and choices is not an easy topic to discuss with Year 10s..but the combination of videos, real life stories, humour, your approach and student participation allowed the day to run well and for our students to learn and take into account the decisions they make in life. Our staff even gained so much from the seminar.
Kimberley Logue Religious Education Co-ordinator
Holy Spirit College Lakemba
I very much recommend Your Choicez. These two days are essential as the conversations and content presented are crucial for all of our students. This is evident in their engagement, contributions and respectful behaviour throughout the seminars.
Rebecca Kennedy, Head of House
Xavier Catholic College Skennars Head

I can’t speak highly enough of David and Katie Kobler. Our students came away from their seminars looking at their attitudes, beliefs and behaviours from a new perspective and thinking carefully about how their future actions, decisions and choices will shape who they want to become and the types of relationships they pursue.

David’s talk to our parents was also very popular and parents came away inspired and willing to talk with their children about topics they would normally shy away from. Setting aside a full day for students, staff and parents to explore these issues is incredibly valuable.

David and Katie deal with these sensitive topics in ways that will leave you thankful to have had the opportunity to hear from them.

Keturah Jones Coordinator of Pastoral Care
Nowra Anglican College
David’s message to the students is clear, in their language and at their level, the students were engaged throughout the entire seminar as he guided them in positive decision making. Parents expressed their gratitude to David for his thoughtful and sincere message about parenting, the risks and pitfalls as well as strategies to deal with raising young people in this challenging world. We found David to be honest, sincere and genuine in his presentations and look forward to engaging him again in the future.
Joanne Smith Deputy Principal
John Paul College, Kalgoorlie WA
Thank-you for your insightful and pertinent seminar presented to our Year 11 cohort, recently. Your approach, tone and use of media was appropriate for students to whom you were presenting. The students were engaged and impressed with both the delivery and the content of this seminar.
Marita Backes Head of Year 11
Newman Catholic College, Perth
I would highly recommend Yourchoicez, the information presented and lessons taught were incredibly relevant to where our boys are at.
Paul Davis
Waverley College
In relation to the presentation yesterday, the feedback from all the boys across all 9 House groups has been outstanding. The boys were thoroughly engaged and found you to be relevant and engaging for the whole session. The boys were very moved by your own personal story and the way you shared aspects of that with them. Some of the comments included how ‘brave’ and ‘courageous’ you were. Many students also commented on the fact that they were able to make links with some of the things you talked about and that you were ‘real,’ everything was relevant. The staff here who have seen you present before were still extremely impressed with your style, manner and approach with the boys and those staff who experienced your session for the first time were also impressed with how engaging and relevant you were.
Rana Brogan
Katie and David were absolutely wonderful in not only their affable demeanour with the students, but also in their personable approach to the sensitive content presented. The Year 10 students and accompanying teachers were raving about how appropriate and engaging the content was and there were even comments made by teachers who stated they had also learned something new! Students particularly enjoyed and were challenged by the media and healthy relationships session (for girls) and the pornography session (for boys). They have each walked away having a new perspective on some of the current issues that plague our adolescents today, having to confront their behaviours and choices. The opportunity for discussion and question time was very well received and gave students a brilliant opportunity to raise their personal queries about taboo topics. Both the professional, well-researched and relative nature of the presentation provided an invaluable experience for all involved. There is no doubt that we will be getting Katie and David back for future years.
Roselie Arena, Yr 10 Co-ordinator
Freeman Catholic College
I know our girls were spellbound during Katie’s whole presentation, they related so well with her, that many of them were back after the breaks, seated and ready to participate before Katie herself returned to resume the seminar. The number of anonymous questions asked was a testament to the esteem and respect the girls’ held for Katie. The students connected with her and felt she was very believable because they knew she had the life experiences to back up what she was speaking about. Her gentle but humorous way of imparting her knowledge and beliefs about relationship based upon solid Catholic teachings about marriage, were an ideal way for her to reach the girls. Katie’s constant reminders for the girls to think about and make informed choices about their relationships with the opposite sex, will now be something that I am sure will continue to resonate with many of them for many years to come.
Marie French, Campus Minister
Emmanuel Catholic College, Perth
The Your Choicez Reflection Day is the highlight of our Y7-12 program, and my boss is very happy with me for having found you!
Vicki Buchanan Yr 12 Co-ordinator
Iona Presentation College Perth
David presented a provocative and challenging series of messages for our boys about the issues which matter but are often not addressed. He mixes a dynamic and highly visual presentation with humour and passion. David’s work is integral to the ‘education for life’ ethos of our Year 10 Boys to Men program. I cannot recommend his work more highly!
Dr Steven Middleton
The Kings School Sydney
David is easily the most engaging guest speaker I have ever had witnessed – he had a room of 100 boys fully engaged over the 3 separate 1-hour sessions. The content was relavant, and delivered in an unbiased, relatable format. In the break out sessions, boys felt confident and educated enough to openly talk about what are usually very awkward topics. This was only made possible because of the way the information had been framed by David. The praise and general talk from the boys at the end of the day was positive and just kept coming!
The Scots College
I attended the parent information night last night at Chanel with special presenter David Kobler. As a parent of 3 teenage boys and 2 soon-to-be teenage girls, I found the night to be both informative and engaging. David is an excellent speaker and although the information was, at times, shocking, I came away feeling like I had gained so much to aid my boys as they navigate through the next few years.
I was pleased to know that the information he gave us will be the same as he will present to the Year 10’s today. So much of what he said are things that I talk to my children about, but I think coming from someone else always seems to make such more of an impact. I certainly look forward to talking to my Year 10 boy tonight! Please pass on my thanks I hope this will become a yearly discussion.
Gladstone QLD
I would like to thank you for running such a wonderful program in the Year 11 Retreat. Our son does not usually and openly share his experiences, unless we are in our car driving. We often drive around to have discussions, as he is not one to sit down and talk. We went out for dinner last night with his grandparents, and much to our surprise we talked about some of the topics covered on the retreat.
We were so impressed that he took a lot of the information in, and was internalising his experiences. We could see from his demeanour that something has changed – matured. From our perspective the retreat had a very positive impact. We could see that he is continuing to find his identity and determine the type of person he is aspiring to become. Please congratulate the presenter and the staff who participated in the organisation
Parent Year 11
David Kobler presented the Girls’ Seminar to our Senior students this week and he had the girls interested and engaged from the outset. He delivered some very important messages about good relationships and even better decision-making in a non-judgmental way, making it clear that it was never too late to start making good decisions. His articulations of the common fears among teenage girls (and boys) were completely on the mark and helped them feel at ease that they were not alone in their fears. Not only was his information backed up by research but also by personal experience which helped the girls connect with what he was saying. The reaction from our students has been extremely positive, with many students commenting th at not only did they learn from him, but also enjoyed the experience.
Carol Hoareau Senior Pastoral Care Coordinator
St John Fisher College
My son came home and talked at great length about all that he had heard throughout the day and that this was by far the most outstanding and most impressionable retreat he has experienced since he has been at CBC. From what he has told us, the issues were not only interesting but also extremely important and relevant to him and his classmates.
Thank you again for what is clearly a terrific programme.
Freemantle WA
David was a terrific presenter, talking to boys with sensitivity, strength and honesty about navigating the shoals of masculinity. Our boys got so much from it.
Michael Parker Deputy Principal
Cranbrook School, Sydney
Hey David, I’m one of the students from Christian brothers & I just wanted to say thank you so much for your talk it helped so many of the boys in more than one way, everything you discussed is exactly what everyone needed to hear & it’s the only thing that’s stuck in my head very impacted a lot on everyone. You and your wife are a top couple! so keep up the good work.
Year 11 Student
Perth WA
It‘s unusual to have a speaker who engages the students with themes that the staff think are truly significant. I have seen plenty of ‘whizz bang’performances which use multi-media to engage the students at a superficial level but what David Kobler provided was personal, meaningful and insightful; he tackled topics of profound significance in a provocative but sensitive manner. The only feedback I have had from Y10 students, staff and parents at our school has been positive and I would certainly recommend him to you.
Dan Wightman Year 10 Co-ordinator
Aquinas College Ringwood, VIC
The topics were extremely relevant to our lives today. It’s something that girls our age need to hear ….. just to decrease the amount of regret people may have in the future.
Year 12 Student
David’s Presentation was fun, challenging and inspiring for all our boys. David engaged all students through the use of current information, relevant statistics and topical stories, many of which he has been involved with personally. He not only presents the moral teachings of the various issues in a way suited to where the students are at, he makes the students understand by breaking up the content into meaningful yet simple parts that relate to all of them. Our boys especially enjoyed his frank and open style and the fact he obviously targeted their issues and what they are going through right now. David’s presentation covered all the areas of being a male that ‘regular’ teachers may find too challenging in a way that touched the minds and hearts of all the boys. It is such a worthwhile and effective presentation that an annual booking for the relevant age groups should be made.
Paul Hocking Year Co-ordinator
Xavier College Llandilo, NSW
The girls have not stopped talking about how amazing David was. We have not long left the dinner table after a lengthy explanation of the entire day! The following comment was made from one of our Miss 15s, “I bet David would have made a lot of girls think twice before having an early sexual relationship.” Please pass on our thanks and gratitude to David. Thank you, thank you, thank you from one very happy parent!
I am writing to thank you for the wonderful talk you gave our year 12 students last Thursday. Right from the beginning of the day until the final bell, the students were engaged, listening and responding to your very powerful message. The emphasis on their body being a temple which is deserving of self respect and dignity, reflects deeply the message of Christ and hence the Catholic Church. Your “no excuses” approach to the reality that their choices, in particular their decisions about their sexual behaviour, showed them clearly that these choices have consequences that can deeply affect them for the rest of their lives. Your real life examples from both your own life and recent media stories strongly re-inforced your message and reflected the care and attention to detail that you give your work. I am sure many students now have a better comprehension of the Church’s message that committed sexual love is a gift that should be found only in a loving marriage. The fact that you could talk about your own marriage and relationships so frankly with the students helped make the message ring true to them.
Marie French Campus Minister
Emmanuel Catholic College, Perth
From the moment the workshop began, our students knew they were in for a treat! Funny, engaging and relevant, David was able to affirm, unsettle, disprove, educate, challenge and inspire. Our students came away with a lot to think about and willingness to do that thinking.
Richard Anderson Deputy Principal
St John’s Grammar, Adelaide
David Kobler presented his Seminar’s to both the boys and girls at our school with separate presentations. They were very entertaining, informative and most importantly thought provoking. Students were telling me afterwards that he was the best guest speaker they had ever seen and were engaged the entire 3 hours, others said he was like their conscience and one boy remarked that he regrets some of the things he has done and will approach various aspects of his life differently from now on! After the Seminar students were spontaneously shaking his hand thanking him and wanted his Facebook details so they could stay in touch in some way with his work. Very worthwhile for young adults in this day and age of social media addiction, cyberspace concerns and confusing messages about what it takes to be a Man or a Woman and a better person all round.
Craig Winter Year 11 Co-ordinator
Frederick Irwin Anglican College, Mandurah WA
“I thought the presentation was very good. He connected with the audience very well and was very funny throughout the whole presentation. I liked how even though he was funny he was genuine and always honest giving us the truth. The whole presentation has definitely affected me and the way I think about sex and relationships”
Year 11 Student
It was an amazing day that was both touching and inspirational– I would recommend it for future years.
Year 12 Student
Perth WA
Our day with the boys was engaging and challenging. The mood that was created allowed students to feel comfortable to contribute to conversations and ask questions that were purposeful and specific. Quite often in school seminars for students can miss the mark, this one did not.
Simon Rugala Year Co-ordinator
St John The Evangelist, Nowra NSW
Our son came home today saying the “talk” he had at school today was very good. He was keen to talk about a whole lot of things we haven’t really known how to approach with him before. Us attending the seminar the night before was perfect as we had an idea of what was going to be discussed with him so it was easy for us to prompt him on a couple of topics we were really interested to ascertain how he was going.
Christchurch NZ
We were absolutely thrilled with the day; the pupils were right into your message and would have loved more of it. The parents have been emailing their thanks. It is so important for this generation to be validated in making godly decisions about their present so that their future can be wholesome and unhindered by ‘issues’ and ‘baggage’. So thank you again, David. I have no doubt at all that we will be calling on you again.
Ruth Velluppillai Head of Senior School
Middleton Grange Christian School, NZ
A wonderful seminar for both boys and girls. David and Katie knew exactly how to ‘pitch’ the material and our Year Ten students were unanimous in their appreciation. If there was only one seminar in the year for Year Ten it would have to be this one. A must.
Tricia Maidens Principal
Xavier College Llandilo, NSW
David the day you spent with the Year 11 students was wonderful. You discussed with them topics that many young boys would feel uncomfortable. However your presentation made them feel at ease and able to listen and discuss some confronting issues about their masculinity and how they could use their strength for others. We had many talking about the day in the days and weeks that followed. I also received emails from parents who found out about the day from their son!
Nadia Knight Religious Education Co-ordinato
Salesian College, Melbourne
David helped students understand the major threats to their health and well-being, with particular emphasis on some of the toxic attitudes that prevail in society today. Students were stimulated, entertained and ultimately enlightened as to the choices they can make to create positive outcomes in the future.
Mrs Vicki Buchanan Director of Religious Education and Faith Development
Iona Presentation College, Perth
David and the Choicez presentation deals openly and maturely with many of the issues that are facing our teens today, particularly in the area of sexuality, in a very engaging way. Drawing on experience, research, and Church teachings, David explores each topic with sensitivity and understanding. He informs students about the many challenges and pressures that they will face during adolescence in the areas of identity, relationships and sexuality and offers them practical strategies to deal with these very real challenges, so that they can make mature, informed decisions, now and into the future. I would highly recommend David for your next Reflection Day, Life skills assembly, or Staff Professional Development day.
Saul Travers-Hucker Reflection Day Coordinator: Years 7-10
Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Melbourne
I employed the services of David Kobler, to address Year 10 Students of Waverley College on the area of Male Image. The students found David’s presentation very engaging, informative and relevant. David was able to keep the students focused for the entire duration of a ninety minute presentation, as well as answering relevant questions as they arose. I was most satisfied with David’s work and have already discussed with him future presentation possibilities regarding our students. I would have no hesitation in recommending Your Choicez to other schools.
Phillip Davis Director
Mission Waverley College, Sydney