Hello!👋We are so excited to partner with you to deliver values-based Respectful Relationship Education to your students!

We want to help you make sure this day runs as smoothly as possible for your students, your teachers and of course, you!


[Let’s make your life a little easier by answering the big Q’s]
Do I need to print the student booklets for the day?

Yes! Each student will need their own workbook and pen for activities throughout the day. You can access and download your student booklets HERE

  • A microphone for each presenter regardless of the amount of students and/or room size.
  • Morning tea and lunch would be greatly appreciated as our speakers are often on the road. Dietary Requirements can be found HERE.
  • Water for the duration of the day.

Note: Speakers will arrive 30 minutes prior to start time and will meet you at the front office.

What are the set-up requirements of the day?

If you are a co-ed school, the day will require two seperate venues for the day (unless otherwise discussed). You can find the IT and Set-Up Requirements HERE

When will I receive my invoice?

You will receive a booking deposit invoice shortly after confirming your seminar via email. You will then receive your final invoice within a week after the program has been delivered.

How do I best equip my teachers who will be assisting throughout the day?

Having teachers allocated for the duration of the entire day is ideal. Teachers who have a focus on pastoral/wellbeing are best suited.

You can access and print your Teacher Seminar GuideHERE

Do you have a program that we can offer to parents?

Yes! Parents Nights can be an important to addition for encouraging powerful student and parent conversations.

These can be run pre/post seminar.

You can find more information about these programs HERE

Still have some unanswered questions?
Simply reply to this email and we’ll get in touch!