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12-e1407234509151 The 12 Stage Principle – There really is a growing pressure for young people to hurry through the stages of relationships. I’ve seen many brave young people who have decided to go against the flow in this area and have had their decision met with criticism, questions, mockery and even their partner dumping them… Read more.

Covenant Eyes When someone you trust receives a report of the websites you visit, it changes how you use the web. Find safety through Internet Accountability & Filtering.

X3 WATCH   X3watch is free accountability software designed to help with online integrity.

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Hey David, I’m one of the students from Christian brothers & I just wanted to say thank you so much for your talk it helped so many of the boys in more than one way, everything you discussed is exactly what everyone needed to hear & it’s the only thing that’s stuck in my head very impacted a lot on everyone. You and your wife are a top couple! so keep up the good work. Year 11 Student, Perth WA

The topics were extremely relevant to our lives today. It’s something that girls our age need to hear ….. just to decrease the amount of regret people may have in the future. Year 12 Student

It was an amazing day that was both touching and inspirational– I would recommend it for future years. Year 12 Student, Perth WA

‘…flipping amazing!!’ ‘Awesome speaker…this guy was great’ ‘Really made me pay attention …got lots of information’ ‘very captivating’ ‘really appreciated his message’ ‘relevant…so helpful’ ‘real…funny…honest’ Students, Christchurch NZ

With pornography now more accessible than ever before, and most of us walking around with a 3 or 4g handset in our pocket it is becoming increasingly difficult for people who have made a habit of looking at pornography to break that habit. Research has shown that excessive pornography use can relate to all sorts of sexual dysfunctions, relationship problems, and even affect the way our brain functions. So how can someone who realizes the damage pornography can do to their lives and others around them deal with this issue?

Firstly, like any obsession or addiction one needs to admit they have a problem.
Try asking yourself these questions; is this benefiting my life?
Am I taking every possible opportunity to look at porn?
Are my results at school declining?
Is my motivation in other areas, sport, job, ambitions seeming to not be so important?
If you are unhappy with any of these answers then it’s probably time to make a change.

One of the biggest things that has helped many people who realize they have a problem with pornography is to sit down with a trusted person (parent, counselor, teacher, uncle/aunty, youth worker). and share their struggle. Once a secret is no longer a secret it looses its power! Let someone know what’s going on and make a commitment to try and catch up with them every fortnight or so and share how you are going.

Secondly, you can check out some of the accountability programs such as x3 watch and covenant eyes. These are often good tools to help you remain accountable with what you are looking at on the internet. This idea of accountability for many is the breakthrough they need to address this issue in their lives.

Finally, I would encourage you to try not to get too caught up doing unimportant things online. Checking your Facebook status, watching YouTube clips, channel surfing late at night might seem like a good idea at the time but these things can very often lead to someone ending up looking at pornography. If you are serious about dealing with this area of your life, there will be lots of small opportunities that you know may lead you to look at pornography; ultimately you can choose!

Pornography doesn’t need to rule your life; you DO have the ability to choose what you allow yourself to watch. I have been helping people long enough to say that your life will be better without pornography. If you can leave this habit behind you, you will find yourself with more confidence, able to have better, and more real relationships and overall, you will be a happier person. The question is; who do you want to be? Do you want to deal with this now, or find yourself in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s looking back thinking how did I get here? You can do this!!!

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