Female Seminar

A life changing seminar that speaks to the very heart of what young women are facing.
  • Adolescent girls who have body dissatisfaction in Australia. 70%
  • Teenage girls who are affected by an eating disorder during her teenage years. 17%
  • Young girls using fasting for 2 or more days to lose weight. 20%

Junior High Female Seminar

The Who We Are Program for Junior High girls helps your students gain insight into how their online choices can affect their brain and their behavior. Young people are now starting to experiment much earlier with greater online interactions and can find themselves engaged in activity such as sexting, online pornography, and other concerning behavior.

With the use of multi-media, powerful stories, and research based evidence, we explore the real issues girls are facing in 2017 and provide compelling strategies for girls to have positive interactions both online and offline.

There is also a chance for staff and students to engage in powerful group discussion that will strengthen teacher and student pastoral relationships.

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