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At a time where parents can feel overwhelmed and powerless to address issues such as sex, pornography, dating and relationships there is a huge amount parents can do.

I attended the parent information night last night at Chanel with special presenter David Kobler. As a parent of 3 teenage boys and 2 soon-to-be teenage girls, I found the night to be both informative and engaging. David is an excellent speaker and although the information was, at times, shocking, I came away feeling like I had gained so much to aid my boys as they navigate through the next few years. I was pleased to know that the information he gave us will be the same as he will present to the Year 10’s today. So much of what he said are things that I talk to my children about, but I think coming from someone else always seems to make such more of an impact. I certainly look forward to talking to my Year 10 boy tonight! Please pass on my thanks I hope this will become a yearly discussion.

Parent, Gladstone QLD

“I would like to thank you for running such a wonderful program in the Year 11 Retreat. Our son does not usually and openly share his experiences, unless we are in our car driving. We often drive around to have discussions, as he is not one to sit down and talk. We went out for dinner last night with his grandparents, and much to our surprise we talked about some of the topics covered on the retreat. We were so impressed that he took a lot of the information in, and was internalising his experiences. We could see from his demeanour that something has changed – matured. From our perspective the retreat had a very positive impact. We could see that he is continuing to find his identity and determine the type of person he is aspiring to become. Please congratulate the presenter and the staff who participated in the organisation.”

Parent Year 11

Our son came home today saying the “talk” he had at school today was very good. He was keen to talk about a whole lot of things we haven’t really known how to approach with him before. Us attending the seminar the night before was perfect as we had an idea of what was going to be discussed with him so it was easy for us to prompt him on a couple of topics we were really interested to ascertain how he was going.

Parent, Christchurch NZ

The girls have not stopped talking about how amazing David was. We have not long left the dinner table after a lengthy explanation of the entire day! The following comment was made from one of our Miss 15s, “I bet David would have made a lot of girls think twice before having an early sexual relationship.” Please pass on our thanks and gratitude to David.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from one very happy parent!


My son came home and talked at great length about all that he had heard throughout the day and that this was by far the most outstanding and most impressionable retreat he has experienced since he has been at CBC. From what he has told us, the issues were not only interesting but also extremely important and relevant to him and his classmates.
Thank you again for what is clearly a terrific programme.

Parent, Freemantle WA

If your interested in a parents seminar at your school click here.

Raising Boys

Fathered by God – John Eldredge
Wild at Heart – John Eldredge
Bringing up Boys – James Dobson
The Wonder of Boys – Michael Gurian
A fine Young Man – Michael Gurian
Raising Boys – Steve Biddulph
What’s happening to our boys – Maggie Hamilton

Raising Girls

Reviving Ophelia – Mary Pipher
Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters – Meg Meeker
Bringing up Girls – James Dobson
Getting Real – Melinda Tankard-Reist
The Butterfly Effect – Danielle Miller
What’s happening to our girls – Maggie Hamilton

Filtering and accountability software


Under Pressure – Rescuing our children from the culture of hyper-parenting – Carl Honore

Parenting isn’t for cowards – James Dobson

Protecting your Child in an X-rated world – York and LaRue

Endangered – Your child in a hostile world – Johann Christoph Arnold


9 Apps parents should know about

photo.jpg  TINDER – An app that is used for hooking up and dating.
210px-Snapchat_logo  SNAPCHAT – This app allows a user to send photos and videos to anyone on his/her friend list.
  belndrBLENDR – A flirting app used to meet new people through GPS location services.
KIK_app_icon_android KIK MESSENGER – Allow users to engage with strangers through pics, sketches, and texts.
whisper  WHISPER – An anonymous confession app that allow users to superimpose text over a picture in order to share their thoughts and feelings anonymously.
ask_fm-logo-200x200  ASK.FM – Q&A site that is known for prevalent bullying and problematic anonymity.
Yik-Yak-ICON-LARGE-600x600  YIKYAK – Anonymous text app using GPS locations.
omegle  OMEGLE – Anonymous chat site encouraging strangers to engage through chat or video.
DOWN – An app allowing users to deem facebook friends suitable to either “hang with” or “hook up with”.

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2014-06-24_2127-300x300These are just some of the questions that we have been asked from young women around the topics of sex, dating, relationships, body image and more over the past couple of weeks.

Some of the questions turn my stomach to think of some of the things and situations that teens have to negotiate..
Some of the questions asked of us, if typed into google would bring up a whole bunch of answers from a whole bunch of sources…..
Some of which include sources which can be so damaging to the hearts and minds of young people… yes im talking about pornographic websites. My point is this: its natural, normal, important even, for young women to be asking questions about sex, their bodies, and the opposite sex. What must be considered however, is where that information is coming from.

The latest annual youth survey from Mission Australia indicates that young people are in fact getting the majority of their information on these topics from the internet. (72.8%)

Research now tells us:

  • 60% of girls were exposed to pornography before the age of 18.
  • 49% of young women say viewing porn is an acceptable way to express ones sexuality.
  • Nearly half of young women watch pornography at least once a month.

While the topic of sexuality and surrounding issues can be hard subjects to broach with teens, the information that is passed onto young people from reliable sources such as caring parents, carers, teachers, youth workers etc is crucial.

When I talk to teen girls about the information around sexuality I always warn them to be cautious of the places they are getting their education on these topics. The examples of womanhood that are found in pornography can be damaging to the development of the belief systems of young women in many regards; what their role is in a sexual relationship, the expectation of men, the thoughts, opinions and expectations around their own body image and what is normal.

Why should the first viewpoint of sex that a young woman sees involve women who are objectified, abused, degraded and never represented as a whole person?

Why should the first viewpoint of sex that a young woman sees involve men who are violent, aggressive towards women and who show no regard for who the woman is as a person, but only what she can offer him sexually?

Young people are searching for answers. We owe it to them to do all we can to ensure their answers are coming from a reliable source.

“The problem with pornography is not that it shows too much of the person but that it shows far too little” John Paul II