Male Seminar

A life changing presentation that has touched the lives of tens of thousands of young men
  • 1 out of 4 sexually active teens will contract an STI 25%
  • STI’s occurring in people less than 25 years of age. 63%
  • 11 year olds who have been exposed to pornography 66%


Male Seminar

“David the day you spent with the Year 11 students was wonderful. You discussed with them topics that many young boys would feel uncomfortable. However your presentation made them feel at ease and able to listen and discuss some confronting issues about their masculinity and how they could use their strength for others. We had many talking about the day in the days and weeks that followed. I also received emails from parents who found out about the day from their son!”

Nadia Knight Religious Education Co-ordinator Salesian College, Melbourne

HP-Blurb1The young men’s seminar program helps your students find their potential as young men made in the image of God. The central theme of the sessions is a deeper understanding of the gift of masculine strength.

The seminar gives each young man a compelling vision of what he can do, be and offer to the world. We offer young men a new perspective of relationships built on an accurate understanding of masculine strength and the capacity to be gift to women, family members and the wider community.

By making powerful use of multi-media, we explore the real issues for young men and provide compelling strategies for change. There is also a chance for staff and students to engage in powerful group discussion that will strengthen teacher / student pastoral relationships.

Fully supportive of each religious schools ethos in both content and approach.

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