Male Seminar

A life changing presentation that has touched the lives of tens of thousands of young men
  • 1 out of 4 sexually active teens will contract an STI 25%
  • STI’s occurring in people less than 25 years of age. 63%
  • 11 year olds who have been exposed to pornography 66%


Male Seminar

“David the day you spent with the Year 11 students was wonderful. You discussed with them topics that many young boys would feel uncomfortable. However your presentation made them feel at ease and able to listen and discuss some confronting issues about their masculinity and how they could use their strength for others. We had many talking about the day in the days and weeks that followed. I also received emails from parents who found out about the day from their son!”

Nadia Knight Religious Education Co-ordinator Salesian College, Melbourne

HP-Blurb1The transition from boyhood to manhood can be challenging, confusing and scary. Damaging stereotypes suggesting manhood is about being tough, emotionless, hypersexual, and aggressive, continue to cause problems personally, relationally and culturally for young men within our society.

What is a helpful definition of manhood? What does it take to be a good man?

Through the use of stories, anecdotes, research, and a dynamic presenter, students will leave with a big choice to make; what type of man do I want to be?

Topics we cover:

  • Real Man vs. Good Man – What is it that actually makes a man?
  • Stereotypes – Breaking the chains to become an authentic man
  • Emotion – How to take off the mask and be real with your feelings.
  • Relationships – The ingredients to a healthy respectful relationship
  • Sexual decision making – A discussion that helps young people think through what sex is for, why our society is so obsessed with it, and how to make a decision rather than simply respond to a circumstance.
  • Pornography – A scientific discussion about the impact this has both personally and relationally.
  • Love – The word that so many struggle to define, what is it? How do you show it? What makes it real?We provide a chance for staff and students to engage in powerful group discussion that will strengthen teacher / student pastoral relationships. Fully supportive of each religious schools ethos in both content and approach.

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