Female Seminar

A life changing seminar that speaks to the very heart of what young women are facing.
  • Adolescent girls who have body dissatisfaction in Australia. 70%
  • Teenage girls who are affected by an eating disorder during her teenage years. 17%
  • Young girls using fasting for 2 or more days to lose weight. 20%

Female Seminar

“The seminar helped students understand the major threats to their health and wealth being, with particular emphasis on some of the toxic attitudes that prevail in society today. Students were stimulated, entertained, and ultimately enlightened as to the choices they can make to create positive outcomes in the future”

Mrs. Vicki Buchanan, Iona Presentation College

Mens2A compelling series of inputs based on the best international research that explores the issues facing the students you work with each and every day. This seminar focuses on the specific needs of young women at a challenging time of their lives. It aims to address their core desires for intimacy, relationship and connection in life-giving ways rather than seeing them at the mercy of poor choices.

The seminar consists of a series of modules. These aim to help young women envision and understand their true dignity and worth as women made in the image of God; deserving love, reverence and relationships of the highest quality. By making powerful use of multimedia, we explore the real issues for young women and provide compelling strategies for change.

Topics we cover:

  • Womanhood– Helping young women consider where they are looking for their example of womanhood.
  • Media and Marketing – Deconstructing the message that media sends to women around beauty, value and worth.
  • Relationships – The ingredients to a healthy respectful relationship
  • Sexual decision making – A discussion that helps young women think through what sex is for, why our society is so obsessed with it, and how to make a decision rather than simply respond to a circumstance.
  • Pornography – A scientific discussion about the impact this has both personally and relationally.
  • Love – The word that so many struggle to define, what is it? How do you know they mean it? What makes it real?


We provide a chance for staff and students to engage in powerful group discussion that will strengthen teacher / student pastoral relationships. Fully supportive of each religious schools ethos in both content and approach.

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