Co-ed Seminar

The decisions teenagers makes around sex, dating, and relationships will not only impact their schooling years but can affect the rest of their lives.
  • The number of teens using the internet as their primary source of information on sex, dating and relationship questions 72.8%
  • Young people aged 12-24 account for over 90% of all chlamydia cases. 90%
  • The number of teens dealing with mental illness 20%

Co-ed Seminar

“David and Katie were great. The students, parents and staff all commented on the success of the presentations. Our parents at the evening presentation found David informative and encouraging, the students and staff the next day were really impressed with both David and Katie. Their stories and personal experiences were inspiring and the students found them easy to connect to and enjoyed the seminar day. For the students it was a truly rewarding day which left them with much to think about. We cannot thank David and Katie enough for the wonderful service they offer.”

Tania Grace, REC Padua College

Young college students relaxing outdoors

Few issues raise a greater pastoral challenge than helping our students make life-giving choices in the area of relationships and sexual choices.

This seminar focuses on the specific needs of young men and women in what can often be the most trialling times of their lives. A range of modules aim to address issues such as media and marketing impact, poor relationship and sexual decision-making, the impact of pornography, lack of male and female role models, eating disorders and more.

By making powerful use of multi-media, we explore the real issues for young men and women and provide compelling strategies for change. There is also a chance for staff and students to engage in powerful group discussion that will strengthen teacher / student pastoral relationships.

Fully supportive of each religious schools ethos in both content and approach.

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