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Seminar Information & Terms

Speaker needs:* Speaker will be presenting from the front of the room using a Macbook. They will have the correct adaptor to connect to VGA projection cable. (Please note this cable must be long enough to reach front and centre of the room)

  • A small desk that that is front and centre of the room as close to the audience as possible
  • An audio jack that will run from the computer to your PA system.
  • A jug of water with a glass
  • An empty carboard box for anonymous questions
  • Morning tea and lunch provided for the speaker

Making the most of the seminar day

  • A venue of approximate size to the amount of students ensuring the best possible atmosphere for the presentation. (i.e 100 students – 130 seat lecture theatre)
  • Ensuring the venue has appropriate temperature enabling to the students to stay engaged.
  • If a full day seminar is booked and group work will be happening a teacher student ratio of no more than 1 teacher to every 20 students will enable greater participation in the group discussions.

Your Choicez Seminar
* Seminar will be tailored to the allocated time given and will fit in with regular bell times
* 50% booking deposit is required to secure booking

David and Katie Kobler

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Where to from here?
If sufficient response is received from this Booking form, you will be tentatively booked on the date requested and a 50% booking invoice will be issued.
Upon payment of invoice you will secure the booking for the relevant date.
Final invoice will be sent the day after the seminar and will include remaining 50% of seminar fee plus any relevant travel costs.
By submitting this form you agree to the seminar booking terms and conditions listed on this page.