Sexuality & Relationship Seminars

Are young people struggling with: Sexual decision-making? Negative body image? Damaging relationships? Understanding boundaries within the context of an online society? Pornography?

The answer of course is YES! Our seminar will empower the school community to open discussion, provide answers, and change culture.

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Young Women's Seminar

“I know our girls were spellbound during Katie’s whole presentation, they related so well with her that many of them were back after the breaks, seated and ready to participate before Katie herself returned to resume the seminar. The number of anonymous questions asked was a testament to the esteem and respect the girls’ held for Katie. The students connected with her and felt she was very believable because they knew she had the life experiences to back up what she was speaking about.” Marie French, Emmanuel Catholic College
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Young Men's Seminar

“David Kobler presented a fantastic “Manhood” session to our Year 11s. He was extremely engaging and able to impart some really important, thought-provoking material, which resonated with the students. His delivery was excellent and his use of current research, findings, anecdotes and visual imagery; all combined to provide a stimulating and informative session. We will certainly be running this session again for our senior students.” Kate McIlroy, De La Salle College
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A night with Parents

At a time where parents can feel overwhelmed and powerless to address issues such as sex, dating, relationships and pornography there is a huge amount parents can do. We aim to address the intimate questions that parents have while empowering them to be an influential presence in their children’s lives.
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Seminar For Teachers

Topics such as sex, pornography, relationships, eating disorders and self harm can often be quite difficult to approach as an educator. Our hope is that through these staff sessions we would provide you with the research, information, and tools you need around these topics, and the key role you can play in bringing students through this often difficult stage of their life.
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The young men’s seminar focusses on a range of topics addressing manhood, sexuality, relationships, self-control and pornography. Teen boys are growing up in a society which can cause much confusion of what it means to be a man and how men are supposed to act. Using a combination of research and real-life stories, this seminar will help your students understand that the choices they make have a huge influence on the man they become. Deep in the hearts of every man is the desire to be a great man and this seminar will tap into that desire.
A compelling series of inputs based on the best international research that explores the issues that young women can face every day. The issues that we address include; Body image, sexting, sexual decision making, STI’s, Defining true love, the impact of pornography and respectful relationships. Young women are being raised in a hypersexualised society where sex is presented as a consequence-free action. Our seminar focusses on empowering young women to make informed, educated and healthy choices.
There is much confusion in our sex-saturated society about what a normal healthy relationship looks like. Our seminar addresses issues such as media and marketing impact, sexual and relationship decision-making, sexting, the impact of pornography and more. Teens are desperate for real conversation around sex, dating and relationships and our seminars with the use of peer-reviewed research and real-life stories opens up these conversations.
Raising Teens in a Hypersexualised Society: At a time where parents can feel overwhelmed and powerless to address issues such as sex, dating, relationships and pornography there is a huge amount parents can do. We aim to address the intimate questions that parents have while empowering them to be an influential presence in their children’s lives.

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Student Survey

Your Choicez is also conducting a survey to current high school and college students across Australia and cover issues most teens are concerned about such as body image, anger issues, and many others.

  • Biggest issue facing me as a teenage girl BODY IMAGE 58%
  • As a teenage guy I loose control of my anger more than once a week. 44%
Most likely place I would go to with questions about sex, dating and relationships?
  • Internet 29%
  • Friends 31%
I would recommend this seminar to future year levels
  • Yes 98.66%
  • No 1.33%

Recent Blog Posts

The importance of intimacy

Today we will start with the importance of discussing intimacy with young people. Talk to your child about what true intimacy looks like. It would seem that many young people are experiencing sex without the co-existence of intimacy. In the wake of a pornographic culture we are seeing more and more young people who have a great knowledge of the act of sex without the understanding of the pleasure, joy and fulfillment that intimacy within sex can bring. One of the big fears that teenagers share with us in our seminars is the fear they have around the act of sex. The average young person in Australia will be exposed to pornography by the age of 11. This exposure has seen many young people believing that sex is purely a performance. The greatest fear that they are facing in the area of sex, dating and relationships is that they won’t be good in the bedroom. Young people, all too often are missing a key part of the beauty and magnificence of sex – intimacy. Kerry Conin the associate director of the Lonergan Institute in Boston says about her presentations to college age students; I don’t talk all that much about sex, because I find that what really concerns young adults – what really scares them, what fascinates them – are not really questions about sex, but rather questions of intimacy.” Help your teen see that intimacy is a key part of a healthy meaningful relationship. Jack and Judith Balswickin their book ‘The Family‘ define intimacy as “to know and be known” It is important to discuss with young people... read more

Meeting Teens in their confusion

There is so much confusion for young people when it comes to obtaining information on love, sex, dating and intimacy. A clip posted by Roosh V has recently received some negative attention for his extreme misogynistic views. While we watched the short youtube clip there was a temptation to laugh.. is this real? It almost seems fictional! Amongst his 36 points on ‘what’s wrong with American women’ are the following; They are fat. They don’t know how to cook. They wear flip flops even when they aren’t at the beach. They acquire pets, instead of putting in the work to land a quality man. They make lame excuses for not putting effort into their appearance. They rarely wear high heels. Of course, this is no laughing matter and yes- people like this really do exist!!! The extremity of his opinions feature just one of the many confusing and damaging messages that can be bombarding young people every single day. We believe that every young person deserves and desperately craves healthy conversations around the topics of sex, dating and relationships. Unfortunately in the void of such conversations we see young people finding misleading and damaging information. Over the next few weeks, we will provide some basic points of discussion that you as parents can be having with your children around these very important topics. If we, as parents aren’t taking bold and deliberate steps in the sexual and relationship mentoring of our children, unfortunately, others will take our place.... read more

Chlamydia: How It Affects Teens Today & Tomorrow | Katie Kobler

A Sunday telegraph article on the weekend (27/9/15) headed “chlamydia rampant in teens” featured this advice: “parents may have to step up to the plate with the birds and bees talk after climbing chlamydia rates in teenagers suggest safe – sex education at school is failing our kids” Experts estimate 500,000 young Australians have Chlamydia. That’s a lot! Chlamydia can in the early stages be treated with a course of antibiotics. Unfortunately if it’s left to its own devices it will slowly cause blockages in the Fallopian tubes to the point where conception becomes difficult and at worst impossible. Chlamydia is now one of the leading causes of infertility in our nation. When I ask the young women who I work with how many of them would at some point like to become a parent, I am encouraged by the response. So many young women have aspirations of motherhood at some stage in the future. Chlamydia has stolen the gift of parenthood from far too many! Despite such high rates of this STI in Australia, many young people are surprised to hear of its prevalence and the way it can affect their future. I’ve spoken to young women who are concerned that they may have contracted chlamydia and are wanting to have a sexual health check-up but are fearful about talking to their parents. Our message to parents is clear; provide a place where your child can discuss topics such as STI’s. The greatest tragedy, I believe is for a young person who due to fear hides individual choices they have made from their parents. In their hiding, they miss their window... read more

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